Celebrating over 45 years of Excellence in Dance!

Dance in the Heart of North Edmonton.

We are... a community-based program situated in North Edmonton committed to delivering authentic, traditional Ukrainian Dance instruction in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

The association prides itself on the following:

*   clear communication with parents,

*   enthusiastic and comitted award-winning dancers, as well as

*   the dedication and creative talents of instructors


*   NO Mandatory fundraising events

*   NO Mandatory bingo or casino volunteer requirements

*   NO cost for extra guest workshops or classes

*   access to newly acquired costumes form Ukraine(applicable to most levels)


*   affordable to anyone interested in exploring the art of Ukrainian dance and culture,

*   held in safe and secure northside community settings,

*   open to ages 3 - adult

*   created to maintain a low teacher student ratio to capitalize on experiential learning,

*   available through various payments options suitable to all family needs, and

*   run Mondays through Thursdays.

For those of you who have been part of our organization, we thank you for your continued support, cooperation and recognition of the quality of dance instruction provided at Veeteretz. For those who are searching for a dance program, we hope to see you register with us soon!

  Take advantage of our 10 % off Early Bird Registration program! Available if registered by June 30 of the prior year.